Lighting for a Cognitive Educational Experience

Lighting for a Cognitive Educational Experience Basics of Lighting On a cloudy day, the illuminance on a surface under natural light reaches 10,000 lux and as much as 100,000 lux in bright sunshine. Indoors, a great deal less light needs to be sufficient. With an artificial lighting, 300 to 500 lux on horizontal work surfaces is widely enough for reading and writing. In classrooms, whiteboard lighting needs to be at least 500 lux. It has been reliably described that higher illuminance boosts motivation and makes for a greater sense of wellbeing. Today’s modern education and learning systems are based on encouragement and...

Lighting Design in Green Office Projects

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Lighting Design in Green Office Projects Environmental certification systems inquire to make similar or equivalent the impact of buildings on the environment, on society and economy. However, in specifying the relevant criteria, the various institutions apply different priorities. Energy-efficient lighting is seriously misunderstood by many in the green building industry before. Long associated with conventional light sources and poorly lit spaces, today’s energy-efficient lighting uses state-of-the-art LEDs, controllers, and optics to direct light just where you need it. PIVOTLUX Sustainable Lighting Consultancy Services covers: Optimizing connected load for high level beneficiary of contemporary lighting design Maximizing indoor consolidation level through considerations...

Lighting Design for Offices

Lighting Design for Offices Light Connects Spaces and Creates Charming Workplaces Office lighting is one of the challenging topics of ligting design. It is the fourth dimension of architecture and also a key factor in terms of spatial design and commercial success in offices. European Standard EN 124641 for lighting of indoor workplaces defines specific implementation in terms of quality and quantity. Illuminance, uniformity and glare control are key photometric parameters to ensure visual performance. The open office design should support close collaboration in the team and encourage people to be a part of huge unity. People’s well being and privacy...

Lighting Choreography for Fashion Shops

Lighting Choreography for Fashion Shops Shopping is a lively and intimate experience. The goods, the atmosphere and the ambient surroundings must all be conducive to attractive in this event so the brands focus on the right activity and impression that convey the store’s message is received properly. In designing the shop, its conceptual installation was to view the client not just as a buyer, but definitely to welcome each as an engaged human being. Therefore; light not only presents the products but also establishes the atmosphere. The unique presentation of the space and its products with use of light provides an...

Light for Residential Spaces

Light for Residential Spaces «Consumers would currently rather have a well-dressed home than a well-dressed body» very well known trend setter Marian Salzman says. Residential projects in lighting design includes several important approaches. Using light to interpret personality What makes house a home? We can improve many responds but the light is an obvious requirement for an enhacing living in residences. At home, light enliven the little things-our morning routines or the moments we spend with friends. As a strong matter of perception; “focal shine” plays a more noticeable role in private residences than “ambient luminescence”. As an instance; the light island for...

Best Lighting for Attractive Restaurants

Best Lighting for Attractive Restaurants As a customer at a café or at a restaurant, we do not only buy a cup of cappuccino or eat spaghetti. This is absolutely different thing than we do at home. When we do get in a restaurant or a café we are buying a unique experience. Maybe a time to meet with our friends or loved ones. Perhaps a time to concentrate on work in peace, or even better - a time to escape from works. Maybe having time to celebrate something special for ourselves. When we focus on restaurant and cafe lighting projects...