Lighting Design in Green Office Projects

Lighting Design in Green Office Projects

Environmental certification systems inquire to make similar or equivalent the impact of buildings on the environment, on society and economy. However, in specifying the relevant criteria, the various institutions apply different priorities. Energy-efficient lighting is seriously misunderstood by many in the green building industry before. Long associated with conventional light sources and poorly lit spaces, today’s energy-efficient lighting uses state-of-the-art LEDs, controllers, and optics to direct light just where you need it.

PIVOTLUX Sustainable Lighting Consultancy Services covers:

  • Optimizing connected load for high level beneficiary of contemporary lighting design
  • Maximizing indoor consolidation level through considerations of health and comfort parameters of lighting
  • Minimizing environmental impact through light pollution modelling

Individually controllable lighting solutions for sustainable offices

Contemporary lighting and room concepts meet people’s individual necessities when performing various tasks in offices. The human centric lighting concept offers different luminous color and illuminance level.

Measures and criteria for improving energy efficiency.

  • Maximum utilisation of daylight
  • Light-colored walls, ceilings and floors
  • Activity-related planning instead of room planning
  • Sustainable luminaires
  • Efficient light sources and control units
  • Optimised reflectors and optics
  • Dimmability
  • Lighting management
  • Daylight and presence monitoring
  • User-friendly operating concepts and programmed lighting scenes
  • Intelligent control strategies including sunscreening
  • Lighting concept
  • Use of switching groups for differentiated illumination and lighting effects
  • Dynamic adjustment of lighting.

Using Daylight in Sustainable Lighting Design

Besides energy savings, daylighting provides a host of non-energetic benefits. Daylight research over the last decade has shown strong statistical correlations with daylighting and productivity in the offices and learning. In the health field, the discovery that certain characteristics of light transmission by the human eye regulate melatonin production in the pineal gland was only made a decade ago. Research and application of the far-reaching effects of this circadian response are still being discovered, from its affect on our sleep/wake cycle to the body’s ability to fight cancer.


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