Lighting Design in Green Office Projects

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Lighting Design in Green Office Projects Environmental certification systems inquire to make similar or equivalent the impact of buildings on the environment, on society and economy. However, in specifying the relevant criteria, the various institutions apply different priorities. Energy-efficient lighting is seriously misunderstood by many in the green building industry before. Long associated with conventional light sources and poorly lit spaces, today’s energy-efficient lighting uses state-of-the-art LEDs, controllers, and optics to direct light just where you need it. PIVOTLUX Sustainable Lighting Consultancy Services covers: Optimizing connected load for high level beneficiary of contemporary lighting design Maximizing indoor consolidation level through considerations...

Lighting Design for Offices

Lighting Design for Offices Light Connects Spaces and Creates Charming Workplaces Office lighting is one of the challenging topics of ligting design. It is the fourth dimension of architecture and also a key factor in terms of spatial design and commercial success in offices. European Standard EN 124641 for lighting of indoor workplaces defines specific implementation in terms of quality and quantity. Illuminance, uniformity and glare control are key photometric parameters to ensure visual performance. The open office design should support close collaboration in the team and encourage people to be a part of huge unity. People’s well being and privacy...