I can describe myself in engineering discipline that deals with the technological aspects and multi-disciplinary approach to planning, design, construction and operation of buildings, such as analysis and integrated design of environmental systems. I am an Istanbul based connoiseur of architectural lighting and light; its structure, composition, silence, accents and expressions…

My knowledge, experience, awareness and sensitivity allow me to articulate and deliver outstanding lighting solutions for seductive spaces and noticeable people.

-Erkan Şahin


Training: -Lighting Design for Industrial Plants- R. STAHL Technologies Waldenburg-Germany, March 2003
Visual, emotional and biological needs and workplace-oriented lighting for work during the day and the night. Specific solutions for; Logistics, Metal working, Automotive, Food, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and hazaordous areas.

Training: -Lighting Design for Hospitality- Fagerhult Lighting Academy in collaboration with ateljé Lyktan, Habo Sweeden, October 2008
Design development to fill emotional and function requirements, giving a room a positive expression with light.

Workshop: – Helping to deliver a state-of-the-art well-being for offices and inviting retail environments – London, United Kingdom, November 2009
Extensive lighting and controls design for the building selecting the best solutions with Relux lighting calculations and detailed AutoCAD drawings.

Workshop: -Innovations on LED Technologies and Lighting Solutions- Siteco Osram, Traunreut Germany, March 2010
Lighting Solutions for outdoor premises, urban life, transit areas and tunnels.
In-house Assembly: -Leading in Lighting Solutions- Lledó Iluminación, S.A. Madrid-Spain October 2010
Lledó Space Concept, Ergoefficiency in Lighting Design for offices and work places.

Workshop: -Sunoptics Daylighting Systems- Lledó Energia, S.A. Toledo Spain, June 2011
Reducing the electricity consumption and providing the best lighting color rendition in retail and people.
Speach: “Optimizing connected load for high level beneficiary of engineering a lighting design” in
ÇEDBİK-Member of WorldGBC, March, Istanbul 2011

Conference: “Lighting for large spaces and ports” ExCel, London United Kingdom, April 2014
Studies on cutting pollution and saving power and cost at ports and terminals. Project development principles on Greenports. Special optics and lens technologies for outdoor LEED luminaires.
Speach: “The end of Light Planning as we know it- New approaches for, hospitality, office and home.” Intelligent Buildings Summit, ICEC Istanbul, April 2014

Assembly – THINKLIGHT, Envisage the Next Move in Lighting- Ghuangzhou, China, June 2014
Human-centric lighting, OLED-based lighting solutions for high-end retail, hospitality, decorative and ambience creation purposes. Innovation in LED miniaturisation and heat sink techniques.

Event:  IALD International Lighting Design Workshop, Kea Island Greece, October 2014
Trendforum by Luminale Frankfurt, Germany, April 2016
Using light to evoke mood and a sense of well-being. Bacisc of design that sensitise us to our feelings, that are directly linked to emotions.

Forum: BUILTWORLD Innovation by Light + Building, Frankfurt Germany, March 2018
Digital technologies as extensive, energy-efficient innovations for the planning, constructing and maintenance of buildings.

Our Work

Where our passion comes to life

Inspiring in Lighting

How do you unleash the creative forces in a lighting projects for different type of spaces. We believe that we can break the inertia of inaction. PIVOTLUX delivers a one-of-a-kind light experience that will challenge people think differently in workplaces, stores or private zones.

Design-Engineering-Cost Effectiveness

For Office projects; Enhancing people’s sense of well-being with uniform ulimination of the task area is the priority. Integration in to the architecture and esthetic value of luminaires should ve evaluated. Costs can be reduced through sustainable efficient solutios. Energy and maintenance costs result in quick amortisation and real profit in subsequent years.
For Presentaion and Retail projects PIVOTLUX offers target group segmentation in each individual lighting solutions. More balanced and harmonised design criterions matches with more balance individuals’ requirements. Furthermore critical persons would be satisfied with dominance in lighting such as discreetly mood-enhancing lighting effects. High-contrast scenarios with low horizontal general lighting levels are more suitable for unconventional persons and this is adventural side of lighting design.

Optimization and Production

Engineering and optimization is a pivotal phase of lighting projects. Lighting calculation softwares such as Dialux or Relux help to prove more qualitative and quantitive values of the projects. Almost all lighting tools need to be customised in production for result driven cases and total cost effectiveness goals. PIVOTLUX combines disciplines and peoples through 25 years of proven success.