Lighting Design for Offices

Lighting Design for Offices

Light Connects Spaces and Creates Charming Workplaces

Office lighting is one of the challenging topics of ligting design. It is the fourth dimension of architecture and also a key factor in terms of spatial design and commercial success in offices. European Standard EN 124641 for lighting of indoor workplaces defines specific implementation in terms of quality and quantity. Illuminance, uniformity and glare control are key photometric parameters to ensure visual performance. The open office design should support close collaboration in the team and encourage people to be a part of huge unity. People’s well being and privacy sense in lighting design for Office lighting are crutial chapters. Individually placed luminaires; illuminates group desks efficiently and creates private zones for a particular working station. As a practical issue; directly installed luminaires above the desks recommended to provide both work places with 500 lux on average of glare-free light.
Foyer zones have several contemporary functions in contemporary office buildings. On the one hand it supports coming together on a personal level and help visitors with orientation, and on the other hand it describes the ethos of the company and communicate an individual corporate culture. Efficient lighting solutions and diffuse light technique that ensure a high and homogeneous lighting level, creates a coherent and perfectly illuminated overall impression wherever they are installed. In the lobby area, reccessed mounted LED luminaires radiates light in all direction and creates diffuse impact onto the room. Spotlights placed in slots are the directional elements of lighting design. They are so sparkly and enhances objects or vertical surfaces in a brilliant way. That causes a harmony in the reception zone of an office lighting design.
As a matter of designing offices; light and shade lead our perception about a space or a private zone. The spotlights additionally accentuate individual objects in order to place brightness contrasts in the vertical or horizontal plane. Directional effect of light like spotlights; emphasises the contour of objects and underline the connecting with space.
As an approach of contemporary architecture; transparent outlook and exposed steel construction elements offers more visibility and communication premises for people of modern cities. In this case the arcitect have more challence to find various spatial responds and descriptions for different office spaces. These fractions of settlement determines the façade design by the way.


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