Lighting Choreography for Fashion Shops

Lighting Choreography for Fashion Shops

Shopping is a lively and intimate experience. The goods, the atmosphere and the ambient surroundings must all be conducive to attractive in this event so the brands focus on the right activity and impression that convey the store’s message is received properly.
In designing the shop, its conceptual installation was to view the client not just as a buyer, but definitely to welcome each as an engaged human being. Therefore; light not only presents the products but also establishes the atmosphere. The unique presentation of the space and its products with use of light provides an pivotal component in its dialogue with the customers.

Lighting Design for Contemporary Retail Shops

The interplay of light and shadow should be choreographed very successfully through an efficient lighting plan for fashion shops. As a tool of light; glare-free spotlights accentuate the products and the interior. They are part of a powerful overall composition. For strong icon look, creating light cubes will underline the contour of objects and ideas. In this scenario of exhibiting there would be no visible light source surrounding merchandise. The sleek, minimalist aesthetic (which also avoids reflections and glare) illumination can greatly enhance store design and brand values.

LED Lighting for Fashion Stores

An important orientation for the proprietors in the lighting design for shops and boutiques was a concept that emphasised the quality and genuineness of the products such as fabric and leather.In instance became clear in the phase that light shpuld play a pivotal role. In fashion stores needed to be illuminated evenly, yet the goods cast in an authentic light.Highly brilliant LED light enhances the texture and three-dimensionality of the merchandises.

Shop window allows passers-by to have a look at the products on display from outside. The fresh looking interior design allows the merchandiser to adapt retail areas to develop new sales and promotion scenarios. PIVOTLUX chooses perfect LED light sources and luminaires in proper color temperatures that offers superior colour rendering properties (Ra ≥ 90) as a unique feature, guaranteeing that the merhandises are shown in their true colours.


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