Light for Residential Spaces

Light for Residential Spaces

«Consumers would currently rather have a well-dressed home than a well-dressed body» very well known trend setter Marian Salzman says. Residential projects in lighting design includes several important approaches.

Using light to interpret personality

What makes house a home? We can improve many responds but the light is an obvious requirement for an enhacing living in residences. At home, light enliven the little things-our morning routines or the moments we spend with friends.
As a strong matter of perception; “focal shine” plays a more noticeable role in private residences than “ambient luminescence”. As an instance; the light island for the reading corner, a sharp-edged spot for an artwork on the wall, brilliant light when making up. Accent lighting can emphasize the individual features of a room efficiently with a few easy means: houseplants, photographs and other objects are underlined carefully with different light distributions and contrast of brightness.
Vertical illuminance accomplishes sustainable ambient lighting in private residences more effectively than horizontal light of the same load, by optimising the spatial impression of brightness. As an additional value, vertical illumination brings small rooms and narrow corridors a higher and more spacious look. Thanks to the brilliance and uniformity of LED light, wallwashing adds a decorative effect to shelves and, for example, makes book spines easy to read.
LED light is also perfect for modelling objects impressively giving them an almost three-dimensional appearance or to make a character of materials and surface textures of wood, leather or glass. Typically, a rule of thumb is to light artworks at three times brighter than the rest of your room.

Quality of Light, Quality of Life

The demands placed on the quality of light in the lighting design for residential spaces differs little from the requirements of high-end restaurants, wellness applications or galleries. Good colour rendition ensures that our food looks appetising, the mirror reflects our authentic self and we can judge the colour of our outfit correctly. Luminaires with warm white light emphasise the character of the living space and they can generally be easily We believe that nothing is more important in shaping our sense of well-being than quality of light.
Quality of light is quality of life…


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