Best Lighting for Attractive Restaurants

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Best Lighting for Attractive Restaurants

As a customer at a café or at a restaurant, we do not only buy a cup of cappuccino or eat spaghetti. This is absolutely different thing than we do at home. When we do get in a restaurant or a café we are buying a unique experience. Maybe a time to meet with our friends or loved ones. Perhaps a time to concentrate on work in peace, or even better – a time to escape from works. Maybe having time to celebrate something special for ourselves.
When we focus on restaurant and cafe lighting projects we try understanding of customer orientations and preferences. A good lighting design accompanied with decorative luminaires evokes the senses and composes the experienced brand identity. A lighting design, together with decorative luminaires, stimulates our senses and complements the experienced brand identity throughout the surrounding items.

Creating Conceptual Design

We learn much more things from consumer needs to design the correct experience. TheyUnderstanding consumer needs is the key to designing the right experience. They are often looking for something that make them and their moments special so the want more than a glass of wine or an icecream. This reality in the key point where we help creating come and go, and within social times. Across brand experience and identical elements, an excellent lighting design generates the memorable moments for customers to experience and share with other peoples. These affections influence to define best lighting for restaurants; good light on the table for the food and drinks, visibility of the people at the table, and adequate lighting in the premise.
Lighting solutions and luminaires are key elements of the interior interior design in restaurants and hospitality premises. This is a very effective way of evokinh emotions and it has a very stron relationship with prand experience. A good light creates the right prand impact on the customes and encourages the commerial succes for premises. In a communicative world social shares and the “brand love” is our new normal. Sharing images of special venues starts to develope new brands in a very fast unility.
The lighting on the venue has a really large impact on the outcome with capturing images that faithfully illustrate the appeal of a restaurant food and experience. As a matter of perception; beautiful lighting sets the mood, guides the eye and complements the restauran theme. We have a proverb: We eat with our eyes first. Using correct light brings out the texture and colour which are the key elements of an appetizing dish.
The soft, warm ambient lighting above illuminates the texture and details on dining tables, revealing form and dimension. Within the soft light spectre, there can be different types of mood and degrees of shadows, but they are all close to the natural light. In our perception, spotlights with narrow beam vreats different mood. This type of hard and cooler light brings out the cool and clean feeling from the plates and glasses, but the food might be perceived as a bit flat. Sharp artificial light can lose detail but add drama, dimension, and depth to compositions on the tables.



Restaurant Ambient Light Only

Restaurant Ambient Light with Special Spot Light

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