“New Store” is the Media of Fashion LTB Jeans Vialand, Istanbul


We in fact take all the senses of the human being into consideration. We mean; what people see, what they hear, what they feel, what they can smell, this is very very important. You need to open yourself up far more in your thinking to the aspect of light as well.

Architectural Concept and Interior Design: LTB LittleBig ÇAK Group

Client: ÇAK Textile Istanbul

Lighting Consultancy: Erkan Şahin

Lighting Solution: Erkan Şahin in collaboration with EAE

Location: Istanbul

Photography: Bora Hırsova

Website: www.ltbjeans.com

LTB Jeans, Istanbul

LTB, casual wear and accessories from the unconventional fashion company is available in 20 countries with 228 stores. Understanding current trends and very well organised sales and marketing contribute to the global success of the Turkish fashion brand. LTB stores stimulate senses by, brilliance, colors, shadows, fittings and even room fragrance and music.

The LTB store in Vialand Istanbul is a brilliant stage for casual fashion with its lighting solution. Color, light and shadow or sparkling points of light can also convey the brand’s values and aspirations. Spots of light are distributed throughout the space to make highlights dominantly recognisable, even from far distances. Other possibilities of acquiring differentiation covers essentially good colour rendering (Ra 90) or using narrow-beam spots in specific zones. In the case of posters and images, vertical brightness and high Ra values are just as crucial as definite direction of light for preventing unnecessary reflections.

Facts about lighting concept

Particular beams from different spotlights add a special attention to the objects. The accent of light is natural result of a higher brightness. In LTB shop, brightness contrast of objects to the surrounding ambient is 3:1 and the modelling object can be noticed very clearly. In the shop windows the brightness contrast of the object to the surroundings ambient is 10:1 and the difference between bright and shadow points can be percepted very well.

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