Conveying Authenticity with Light LEVI STRAUSS Store, Konya Kent Mall


We put people into the heart of the business when we develope an engineering or a creative concept for LEVI’S, Our lighting projects provides, brilliant retail atmosphere which reflects global identity and brand image. Slightly dominant light effect and good visual comfort are preliminaries of a LEVI’S Project in terms of sustainability. Therefore the lighting solution is flexible, adjustable and highly efficient with the required variability, quality and especially, excellent light.

-Erkan Şahin

Architectural Concept: Levi Strauss & Co.

Interior Design: Manço-Hadi Architects, Istanbul

Client: Zengin Tekstil, Konya

Electrical Engineering: Sinem Kül, KÜL Engineering, Istanbul

Lighting Engineering and Total Solution: Erkan Şahin in collaboration with EAE

Location: Konya

Photography: Bora Hırsova


LEVI STRAUSS Store, Kent Mall Konya

Levi Strauss, the man, partnered with Jacob Davis to invent the blue Jean and they have been innovating ever since. It is one of the world’s largest apparel companies and a global leader in jeans with 500 stores in 110 countries around the world.

Representing brand’s visual merchandising 

Excellent colour rendering and special light spectrums improve perceived quality significantly. Denim is one of the authentic characters of fashion and textile industry.The products only can be presented if the visual conditions are good and lighting concept communicates to the authentic values. Excellent color rendering and particular light colors even patterns should be concidered in modern retail environs.

Levis Sustainability Policy in store lighting

Nowadays reducing illuminance levels minimises energy consumption and a lighting technique with an accent lighting allows the use of considerable different lighting effects for modelling objects perfectly. The accent lighting really could be perceived when the illuminance levels are higher than the general lighting. It must be certainly matched to suit the relevant merchandise.

The Levi’s® Store required harmonious ambient lighting that would allow the space a bright and friendly atmosphere, but with definite directed lighting accents on selected products and accessories. The clothes and ensembles are sharply accentuated and consistently illuminated with warm white light at 3000K for a cosily atmosphere.

Lighting concept includes medium contrast, consisting of a mix of accent lighting, large square diffuse light panels in cashier zone and signal lights for image of brand. The moderate Accent lighting using electrotrack spotlights with medium-wide beam angles. Narrow beam angles for higher contrast on specific items and fabrics. Average horizontal illuminance of 900 lx. Warm White color temperature of 3000 Kelvin.

The light is used for uniform illumination of the store while giving focus to the store’s exclusive and new arrived items. The recesse luminaires illuminate the fitting rooms zone and leads clients to have perfect match sense of casual wears.

Shop windows as the message of brand

To light the display and shop window areas, the luminaires have been installed on tracks. This simple, indispensable product is a fine combination of design, functionality and quality of imagination. The spotlights can be rotated through 350° and pivoted through +/- 90° to provide the shelves at the side walls with decisively the right accent lighting.

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