Interdisciplinary Expertise in an Iconic


The light is not only a visual solution for the home of
ERKE Green Academy but also a unique graphic
message through direct brilliance and eligible reflections.

Architectural Concept: DEER Architects, Istanbul

Interior Design: Cem Demirci, DEER Architects, Bebek Istanbul

Lighting Design: Dilda Yaman Electrical Engineering ERKE Sustainable Building Design&Consult.

Lighting Consultancy: Erkan Şahin in collaboration with EAE

Photography: Sahir Uğur Eren

ERKE Green Academy, Istanbul

ERKE Green Academy is ERKE´s headquarter in Istanbul. The company is one of the Turkey´s leading company provides electrical project design and green building consulting. The office building is the first development in Istanbul certified under LEED-NC, achieved a Platinum rating. Not only does LED lighting solution support the resource-saving concept, but it also complies with the requirements placed on a state-of-the-art office lighting system designed by Dilda Yaman, Electrical Engineer and BREEAM Assessor, Founder Partner of ERKE. The building facility has been certified for both Platinum rating in LEED-NC and Excellence rating in BREEAM. As an instance; while LEED requires W/m2 power itensity in offices, BREEAM highlights 500 lux luminousity in 70% uniformity on task areas and 50% uniformity in surrounding areas. The lighting designer’s solution was placing linear slim LED luminaires into the slots in open office areas.
ERKE Green Academy accommodates up to 25 employees over three stories of open plan office space. The overall design of the development creates a distinctive identity for Kisikli and set it apart from the adjacent properties in a very positive way.
Lighting solutions with lighting management, lighting quality and environmental responsibility meet at the highest level in ERKE Academy office building. The architect achieved perfect status through natural light travel into the rooms via sun ray control mesh on southern façade: it is biologically effective, changes in line with the rhythm of nature and is available totally free of charge for several hours of a day. Userfriendly lighting control system allows people to control task LED light battens that are appropriately allocated over working stations through an app in their computer.
Direct view, gradient countours and play of brilliance.
Architect Cem Demirci designed the reception with a graphical expression of LED grid lines. Made to measure LED Bars in 3000 Kelvin fitted into the architectural aluminium slots and finished with a high translucent solution.

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