High-level Design Concept
for a Technological Hub
FUJIFILM Technology Center, Istanbul

FujiFilm Page

An emphasis on simplicity and an ode to the visual and diagnostic leadership of FujiFilm were the guiding principles behind both the design and presentation concepts.

Architectural Concept: LA Krea Architecture, Istanbul
Interior Design & Curation: Lale Akgün Hacıahmet, LA Krea Architecture, Emirgan Istanbul
Lighting Consultancy: Erkan Şahin in collaboration with Kreon
Lighting Installation: Elkomet Electricity Industries, Istanbul
Location: Bağcılar, Istanbul
Photography: Sahir Uğur Eren
Website: www.fujifilm.eu

FUJIFILM Technology Center, Istanbul

New communication office of FUJI FILM in Bagcilar-Istanbul is an information hub for printing, light sensitive layers and diagnostic technologies. It has 460m² space and launches new ideas of global leader FUJI FILM Corporation.

The Challenge: Light-IntensiveTechnology

The reception or lobby areas may be the most important part of an office building in terms of creating positive image and first impression when visitors step into the place. In FUJI FILM building, the spacious lobby is illuminated by glare-free spotlights in rows. They are located in a graphical expression on the suspended ceiling system as double groups. Perimeter cove at edge of ceiling, illuminated with efficient LED lines.

Brilliant, Masterful and Efficient Lighting Design

The venue of printing technologies appear more open, but also offer more privacy. This layout offers ensure flexible floor space usage as well. Well illuminated walls enhances the impression of brightness and makes rooms appear more spacious. This is a sustainable way to improve visual comfort and whatsmore a proven secret to energy efficiency through a complimentary lighting cencept. With the walls and vertical surfaces of an ambient surrounding making up around 80% of our visual perception, this interprets why vertical illuminance is so important in a qualitative lighting design as well as for the increasing efficiency of the lighting concept.

Energetic working space was created at FUJI FILM conference hall. The architect prefers lively colours, stylish yet functional furniture and a splendid lighting atmosphere. The floors provide multiuse spaces and functions, ranging from an auditorium, lounges, look space, to plenty of very clever collaboration and working spaces for staff and international visitors. LED downlighters in dark slots with directional light underlines a dynamic space with joyful vibrant of brilliance.

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