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In AKER boutique, the merchandise is not only a product. The leather handbags and accessories are part of todays fashion and has already strong message about material, design and style. Actually it’s not a bag, It’s object of desire. So «light» is a miracle tool to lead your message about brand.

İrfan Aksoy – Architect

Architectural Concept: AKSOY TPU, Sarıyer Istanbul
Interior Design, Styling & Curation: İrfan Aksoy
Client: Aker Textile Co.
Location: Ümraniye, Istanbul
Lighting Design: Erkan Şahin
Lighting Solution: Erkan Şahin in Collaboration with EAE

Aker Handbag Boutique in Istanbul

AKER leather boutique combines quality objects with impressive architecture and a well-balanced lighting experience in their premise in Umraniye, Istanbul.
Lighting design for fashion shops is one of the most perceptual matters of lighting profession. In designing the shop, its conceptual installation was to view the client not just as a buyer, but definitely to welcome each as an angaged human being. The leather handbags and clutches were bathed in warm white light and and meets architects high demands on colour rendering and texture appearance quality. This approach significantly enhances the product identification. The recessed and adjustable luminaires that accentuates the exquisite objects, while also transforming the interior landscape to life.They are part of a powerful overall composition. The are xtremeley glare protected which is one of the priorities of lighting designer.
The architect creates light cubes to underline the contour of objects. There’s no visible light source surrounding handbags. They have monogram icon look in an excellent way. The sleek, minimalist aesthetic (which also avoids reflections and glare) can greatly enhance store design and brand values.
Quality of light interpretes the quality of gods which is the brand highly demands to accentuate the new items and ideas in the store.

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