A Corporated Experience for Customers Great Ergonomics for Staff Tyco Office in Metropol Istanbul


The office lighting solution is epitome of the optimized linear structures and excellent glare restriction in the executive workplaces. The view into the Prelume from the side is almost magical, because thanks to extraordinary glare restriction, it almost gives the impression the luminaire is not switched at all. The light only really becomes attractive sight upon horizontal sufaces such as desks and furnitures.

Architectural Concept: IO Construction and Architecture, Istanbul

Interior Design: IO Construction and Architecture, Ataşehir Istanbul

Lighting Concept and Solution: Erkan Şahin

Electrical Installation: Markas Istanbul

Location: Ataşehir, Istanbul

Website: www.tyco.com

Tyco Office, Batıataşehir Istanbul

Light performs as an interpreter for how we experience space and time. We can be charmed by the persuasion of light on the form of objects, on the atmosphere around us and the feeling of our ambient surroundings. The new offices of TYCO appear more open, but also offer more privacy. The premises offer contemporary communication and working zones at perimeter and skype rooms for international communication sessions. The perfectly choosen light distribution allows to reflects staff authentic self on the visiontransmitted and support a premium visual commonication experience between people work far from each others.

Glass walls allow for more sunlight to travel through the office, and can give the impression of a more collaborative work environment when everyone sees each other working hard. This layout offers ensure flexible floor space usage as well. In the lighting concept: luminaires perfectly in line with the architecture and with the users’ requirements.

In interior design the people feel relieved as well as focused and motivated in their work – whether due to the cosy and harmonious impression of linear Direct/Indirect pendant luminaires in the meeting room.

The light narrates the relationship between individual and space in this new high rise and luminous building of Metropol Istanbul.

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