Optimum Lighting Solution for
Retail and Presentation
NG Kütahya Güneşli, Istanbul

Kütahya Porselen

The exposed products show themselves with a soft lighting but also they seem in a timeless zone. Even some objects not only stand on a specific surface but also seem floating in the space. The circular luminaires with soft edges through abstract installation patterns in very large shop windows to catch eyes. This is obviously an cognitive expression of Kütahya Porcelain that underline the farmony of life.

Interior Design: NG Kütahya Porcelain
Interior Styling & Curation: Ceyda Coşkan in Collaboration with NG Kütahya and Porcelain
Technical Coordination: Rıdvan Altıparmak
Lighting Design and Engineering: Erkan Şahin in collaboration with EAE
Location: Güneşli, Istanbul
Photography: Murat Germen, Sahir Uğur Eren
Website: www.kutahyaporselen.com

NG Kütahya, Istanbul

NG Kutahya Ceramic and Porcelain OutletStore is a modern architectural structure with today’s world and 45 years devoted porcelain history are gathered in Güneşli Istanbul. The light technics used in store is an interpretion of creating balanced environment lighting literally.

Modelling with light

The light beams horizontally in order to show the architectural details. These aproaches provide more comfortable work opportunities as well as flexibility for customers spending time in the store and inspects merchandises new arrived. This contrast has derived from various light levels and it both provides hierarchic layers and makes feel depth perspective.

Sustainable and cost-effective lighting concept

4000K intermediate White light in order to emphasize the porcelain, glass and culinary products made of steel for NG Kütahya Ceramic and Porcelain Showroom&Store. Linear light structures with efficiend reflectors and diffusers throught black finished linear luminaires which matched with open ceiling, has come up.

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